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The PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA) will drive the continued growth of gaming on Personal Computers, the world’s most popular platform for gaming. 

We provide a forum to discuss, debate and influence all aspects of PC development for gaming and provide guidance to help resolve industry-wide challenges such as piracy and consumer experience issues.  We conduct research and publish data about the PC Gaming market.  We provide guidelines to improve consumer PC Gaming experience by working with developers and publishers and PCGA members to maximize the PC gaming experience in all ways possible.

According to the 2009 PCGA Horizons report, PC gaming software revenue was a $13.1 billion industry in 2009, up 3% from 2008.  Revenues from consumer PCs capable of gaming totaled approximately $54.6 billion in 2009 and are forecasted to grow to $61.3 billion by 2014. 61.5 million PCs (Desktop and Laptops) shipped in 2009 that can largely be associated with PC gaming as a key usage scenario.

The PC is by far, the most prevalent gaming platform in the world and is likely to continue to be for foreseeable future.


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Message From the PCGA President

By Matt Ployhar

The PC Gaming market continues to rapidly innovate and evolve and it is vitally important that our alliance meet these challenges in partnership with the industry.  I am very committed and passionate about growing the relationships necessary within our industry and community leaders to ensure the continued momentum and success of PC Gaming worldwide. 

TPG Interview with PCGA President, Matt Ployhar

Conducted By Adam Ames

TPG was honored to get a chance to speak with the President of the PC Gaming Alliance, Matt Ployhar.

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