The resources page is where the PCGA will post technical documents and other information in the form of articles, videos, presentations, white papers, case studies and webinars. Much of this will be the output of work currently being done by the minimum guidelines, piracy, and data research subcommittees.


Message from the PCGA President, Matt Ployhar
The PC Gaming market continues to rapidly innovate and evolve and it is vitally important that our alliance meet these challenges in partnership with the industry.  I am very committed and passionate about growing the relationships necessary within our industry and community leaders to ensure the continued momentum and success of PC Gaming worldwide.  The board of directors of the PCGA understands this and it is why we all recently met to discuss the future course of our alliance. 

Special Report: What Makes PC Gamers Tick?
Logan Decker really likes PC gaming. Admittedly, as editor-in-chief of PC Gamer, he gets paid to like PC games. But when talking to him about what makes the platform special, he exudes both enthusiasm and fairness.

PCGA at CES 2010 Report
The PCGA attended CES 2010 with a focus on raising overall PCGA awareness and promoting the capabilities of PC gaming.  PCGA board members, along with member company volunteers, interacted with consumers, press and prospective members to showcase new PC gaming technologies including 3D, touch screen, and multi-screen applications.

Why Dell Joined the PC Gaming Alliance
At Dell, we are very serious about PC gaming and the intricately customer experience that is tied to it, and simply stated, Dell saw the PCGA as a great opportunity to improve the PC gaming experience for consumers.

The PCGA Presents: The PC Gaming Industry in 2008
Gaming software (retail, digital distribution, online subscription, advertising and other business models) generated $10.7 Billion which according to most industry studies would make PC game software responsible for nearly one third of every dollar generated in thPCGA AT CES 2010 REPORTe gaming software industry.

Bringing the PC into the Living Room
The most natural move a gaming PC can make is from the bedroom to the living room. One obvious benefit is playing your games on that LCD you have mounted on the wall.

Why Capcom Joined the PCGA
When you think of companies who are giants in the PC gaming world, Capcom's name probably doesn't come at the top of your list. That's ok. You can say it. It won't hurt my feelings. We know that historically, it's not what we're known for.

PCGA Restructured Memberships
The PCGA was launched in February of 2008 and is now ramping up member recruitment for 2009 as it builds on its considerable 2008 momentum. Our new membership program encourages broad PC Gaming industry participation from all stakeholder communities including hardware vendors, publishers and game developers.