Board and Officers

  • Matt Ployhar

    • PCGA President
    • Intel Corp, Senior Graphic Planner

    Matt Ployhar has been in the Tech industry for over 16 years. Over 15 of these years have been spent focused on the Graphics and Gaming industry (12.5 years in Microsoft’s SideWinder Gaming Devices, Microsoft Game Studios, and Windows/DirectX groups; Matt has been with Intel corporation for the past 3.5+ years). Matt’s focus at Intel Corporation is two-fold: he is a strategic planner focused on Graphics and Gaming initiatives, and he holds the position of President for the PC Gaming Alliance, a 501c 6 non-profit organization. Intel Blog (Matt Ployhar) PC Gaming Alliance.

    Credits/Comments: While at Microsoft Game Studios, Matt’s team ran the beta program for all 1st and 3rd party PC Games shipped from 2000 through 2004. Several additional 3rd Party PC Gaming credits can be found at Moby games (Note: This list does not fully represent all of the MGS PC Games contributions)

    Speaker/Interview History: Matt hosts several internal speaking engagements inside Intel, chief of which is the annual Intel-only internal Gaming Summit. Externally, Matt’s more notable speaking engagement for 2011 include a GDC-sponsored session for "PC Gaming’s Global Gaming Value Propositions", Intel Press Event – Software Media Day, and a couple of speaking engagements at SMU & SMU Guildhall. Matt has also been featured numerous times in interview spotlights such as: Eurogamer, Gamasutra, Maximum PC, Tech Radar, etc. An avid and extreme PC Gamer, Matt has been a very vocal and outspoken proponent in favor of PC Gaming from day one. In his spare time he tends to play MMORPGs, 1st person Shooters, and RTS style games.

  • Rick Carini

    • PCGA Vice President
    • Razer, Director of Technology and Product Definition

    Rick is the Director of Technology and Product Definition for Razer, the world’s leading brand in gaming hardware. Razer’s key goal is to supply all gaming solutions between the game and the gamer. Rick is responsible for technology discovery/evaluations, developing product road maps and product definition for Razer. This includes software, peripherals and systems.

    Prior to joining Razer, Rick worked for DELL and was the lead technologist for gaming working for the CTO, supporting Alienware and XPS gaming organizations inside of DELL. Earlier in Ricks career at DELL he was the engineering manager for graphics development responsible for all graphics and video solutions for all of DELL products. He managed a worldwide team of >50 engineers and technicians.

    Rick is one of the founding members of the PCGA and was a main influence on setting its initial goals and initiatives. He truly believes in its goals and mission. Rick is an avid gamer as well. He enjoys playing first person shooter and real time strategy games. Spends many hours “testing” games on all Razer products.

    Rick enjoys leveraging all these past and present experiences in helping to create a more enjoyable experience for all gamers. This is the reason that he dedicates his time to the PCGA and its mission.

  • Ritche Corpus

    • PCGA Treasurer
    • AMD, Division Manager - ISV Gaming Program

    Ritche Corpus has been involved in the game industry for the past 15 years holding various management positions at hardware companies such as AMD, Logitech, Aureal, and Diamond Multimedia. Ritche's experience in evangelizing PC hardware includes CPU, GPU, Sound, and peripherals. He has successfully managed worldwide teams that evangelized and developed technologies in both Console and PC gaming. He is currently the Division Manager for Developer Relations at AMD and manages a worldwide team responsible for working closely with game developers and publishers to insure support of AMD's CPU and Graphics features and technology. Prior to joining AMD, Ritche spent 6 years as the head of worldwide developer relations at Logitech, where he was able to help transition Logitech's PC-only business to console. He developed a strong middleware program that allowed quick adoption of Logitech products for the Sony Playstation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and PC. This middleware strategy allowed developers to leverage the work on one platform across all the others with very little effort. This helped secure Logitech as the premier and sometimes exclusive provider of quality force feedback steering wheels, USB cameras, and USB headsets for the console. He also spearheaded the adoption and support of the LCD screen on the G15 Gaming Keyboard for the PC. Ritche is truly a gamer who enjoys all genres from casual to hardcore FPS games. He enjoys working in the PCGA to help to promote and drive the importance of PC Gaming. When he's not busy playing games at home, he enjoys playing basketball, softball, and spending time with his family outdoors.

  • Christian Svensson

    • PCGA Secretary
    • Capcom, VP, Strategic Planning and Business Development

    Christian Svensson is currently Corporate Officer and Vice-President of Strategic Planning & Business Development at Capcom Entertainment. He is responsible for all product planning, forecasting, budget allocation/tracking, market research, strategic initiatives and business development functions at Capcom. He also participates on the board of directors of the PC Gaming Alliance and the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. In the past he has been Vice-President of Entertainment Publishing at Midway Games, CEO of Xion Solutions, Inc., CEO of MCV USA, Inc. and Editor-in-Chief of Next Generation Online. He is a graduate of Bucknell University.

  • Mark Rein

    • PCGA Board Member
    • Epic, Vice President

    Mark Rein is the Vice President and co-founder of Epic Games, one of the world's leading game developers and game technology providers. Epic is responsible for the award-winning Unreal series and Gears of War, the 2006 Game of the Year. Epic's Unreal Engine 3 has won Game Developer Magazine's Front Line Award for Best Engine three consecutive years, and engine licensees include BioWare, Square Enix, Take-Two, Microsoft Game Studios, Namco, Activision, NCsoft, Sony Computer Entertainment, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. For the past 16 years, Mark has spearheaded Epic's licensing and publishing deals, business development, public relations, academic relations, marketing and business operations. A self-described computer geek, Mark has been involved with personal computers since his teenage years when he helped his father build an Altair 8800 back in 1975 and taught himself how to program. In 2005, CNN Money's Chris Morris listed Mark as one of "the five most powerful people in the game industry today" and GameDaily BIZ ranked Mark third in their top five list of "Game Industry Persons of the Year." Mark was also honored in Develop Magazine's 2008 "Game Changers," a list of 25 gaming industry luminaries who are "reshaping the games development business as we know it."

  • Min-Liang Tan

    • PCGA Board Member
    • Razer, CEO and Co-Founder

    Min-Liang Tan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Razer, the world’s leading brand in gaming hardware. Born in Singapore, he now lives in California where he oversees Razer’s global operations, spanning offices in the USA, Germany, Singapore, China and Korea. Min is responsible for the long term goals, objectives and strategies for Razer and he also serves as the head of Razer’s multi-award winning design group, known for its iconic designs worldwide. Min is also known as one of the leading user experience designers worldwide and his work has built a cult following over the years. He has also been credited with being one of the pioneers of eSports where he was one of the first prime movers of establishing computer gaming as a competitive sport.


We’re honored to be elected to the PC Gaming Alliance Board of Directors, said Min-Liang Tan, CEO, Razer. There is so much synergy between Razer’s core DNA – an essence of pure commitment to improving the PC gaming experience with state-of-the-art peripherals – and this organization’s drive to establish high standards and quality guidelines for the evolving industry at large. Both Razer and the PC Gaming Alliance are dedicated to addressing the needs of a maturing category and its largely sophisticated audience.