PC Gaming Certified Technical Requirements


The PC Gaming Alliance was originally founded and chartered with the task to “Define a stable PC Hardware platform for Personal Computer Video Games. This defined standard was to be: easy to understand (and identify) and marked on both new personal computers and video games to define consumer compatibility between games and PCs.
The issues in tackling such a endeavor on PC’s in both Software, (Games), and Hardware (Systems, Peripherals, etc.), is daunting at best due to the nature of the PC , and the games played on them, are both “moving targets”. For example: Does a PC always have to be running a particular brand of an OS to be called a PC? What shape or form factor defines it as being a PC? So rather than identify the actual hardware itself the PCGA arrived at a Certification Program that tackles the actual necessities for a solid and stable gaming experience. The Program is designed to keep the PC an open-platform, improve game quality, and the consumer experience.
Target Platform/s the game title plays on is defined by the games company. The following is a list of criteria necessary for compliance with the terms and conditions of the PC Gaming Certified Technical Requirements (CTR). Due to rapid evolutions on the PC – expect Program specifics to be periodically updated and changed on an as-needed basis without prior notification.

PCGA – PC Gaming Certified Program

  • Overview: (The Basics)
    • Support 720p screen resolution, using medium settings, at 30 frames per second (fps) under fully loaded conditions. Support for a gamepad/s (if Genre appropriate), and the ability to connect to a big screen TV.

  • Step-by-step: Click here
  • In-depth Program Details and Whitepaper: Downloaded here

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  • It is the sole responsibility of participants in these programs to fully familiarize themselves with the various requirements around: Security and Compatibility Requirements, Operating System Vendors (OSVs) requirements covering Installation and Reliability, Country or Geo specific requirements for appropriate Ratings Board Certificates, and all packaging and labeling guidelines when using a particular companies Brand, Logo, or Artwork Treatments.