Board and Officers

Rick Carini
Manager, Gaming Technology & Architecture
Dell Corp

Rick is currently the DELL CTO lead responsible for discovering, investigating and developing new technology that will help improve the Gaming customer experience. He has been at DELL for 10 years and was responsible for managing all of DELL's World Wide Graphics Engineering organization.

Before joining DELL, Rick was with IBM in New York and later relocated to Austin Texas. His entire IBM career was in Product Development and he held many different jobs during this time as a designer and manager. Rick was responsible for Architecture, ASIC and Board design/development, simulation, and multiple managerial roles over a 19 year career for Big Blue. Products included Mainframe peripherals, PC XT and AT products, and later, all workstation Graphics products and systems.

Rick has been addicted to gaming since Mattel's Intellivision hit the console scene, and then conned his wife that the first Nintendo system was really a good game for his 2 year old son to play with. Rick spent plenty of sleepless nights during those years.

He really enjoys participating in the PCGA, and looks forward to accomplishing the PCGA goal to improve the PC Gaming customer experience.

Rick earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering at New York Institute of Technology.

Randy Stude
Director, Gaming Program Office
Intel Corp

Randy Stude has worked for Intel for 12 years and has spent most of his time working with gaming software vendors to optimize for Intel's Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme and Core 2 Quad processors. Randy is responsible for managing the World Wide Gaming Product, Platform and Marketing Strategies for Intel Corporation.


Walt McGraw
Director, Windows Gaming, Entertainment and Devices Division
Microsoft Corp

As director for Windows gaming at Microsoft Corp., Walt McGraw is responsible for fostering the continued development of Windows as a gaming platform. McGraw oversees the evaluation and forecasting of Windows gaming market trends. He also works with other industry leaders to ensure that the Windows platform delivers compelling experiences for gamers, while also serving as a viable and profitable game-development space.

McGraw joined Microsoft in 2005, following an award-winning career in journalism. He covered the video game industry for many years with PBS, CNN and Nickelodeon, where he won multiple Emmy awards for his work in children's programming. Also an avid video-gamer, he can often be found in his office rigorously testing the newest and best PC gaming products.

Ritche Corpus
Division Manager - ISV Gaming Program

Ritche Corpus has been involved in the game industry for the past 15 years holding various management positions at hardware companies such as AMD, Logitech, Aureal, and Diamond Multimedia. Ritche's experience in evangelizing PC hardware includes CPU, GPU, Sound, and peripherals. He has successfully managed worldwide teams that evangelized and developed technologies in both Console and PC gaming.

He is currently the Division Manager for Developer Relations at AMD and manages a worldwide team responsible for working closely with game developers and publishers to insure support of AMD's CPU and Graphics features and technology.

Prior to joining AMD, Ritche spent the 6 years as the head of worldwide developer relations at Logitech where he was able to help transition Logitech's PC only business to console. He developed a strong middleware program that allowed quick adoption of Logitech products for the Sony Playstation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and PC. This middleware strategy allowed developers to leverage the work on one platform across all the others with very little effort. This helped secure Logitech as the premier and sometimes exclusive provider of quality force feedback steering wheels, USB cameras, and USB headsets for the console. He also spearheaded the adoption and support of the LCD screen on the G15 Gaming Keyboard for the PC.

Ritche is truly a gamer that enjoys all genres from casual to hardcore FPS games. He enjoys working in the PCGA to help to promote and drive the importance of PC Gaming. When he's not busy playing games at home, he enjoys playing basketball, softball, and spending time with his family outdoors.

Michael Diamond
Director of Strategic Marketing

Mr. Diamond held various positions in product management with P&L; responsibility for Teradyne and executive strategy for Advantest, Semiconductor Automated Test Equipment companies. Mr. Diamond was Vice President of Operations for Intensys, a Graphics Processor company, before joining NVIDIA in 2001 and serves on the PCISIG and PCGA Board of Directors. Mr. Diamond's business strategies and inventions are changing the PC landscape, authoring 44 patents, in areas such as SLI, Hybrid, Quadro Plex, MXM, GPU Architecture, Semiconductor Design-Manufacturing-Power Optimizations, Virtualization and Content Protection. Mr. Diamond holds a B.S.E. degree from California State University Northridge, an M.S.M.E. and M.B.A. from the University of Southern California, and Executive Management programs at Caltech and MIT-Sloan.

Mark Rein
Vice President

Mark Rein is the vice president and co-founder of Epic Games, one of the world's leading game developers and game technology providers. Epic is responsible for the award-winning Unreal series and Gears of War, the 2006 Game of the Year. Epic's Unreal Engine 3 has won Game Developer magazine's Front Line Award for Best Engine three consecutive years, and engine licensees include BioWare, Square Enix, Take-Two, Microsoft Game Studios, Namco, Activision, NCsoft, Sony Computer Entertainment, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. For the past 16 years, Mark has spearheaded Epic's licensing and publishing deals, business development, public relations, academic relations, marketing and business operations. A self-described computer geek, Mark has been involved with personal computers since his teenage years when he helped his father build an Altair 8800 back in 1975 and taught himself how to program. In 2005, CNN Money's Chris Morris listed Mark as one of "the five most powerful people in the game industry today" and GameDaily BIZ ranked Mark third in their top five list of "Game Industry Persons of the Year." Mark was also honored in Develop magazine's 2008 "Game Changers," a list of 25 gaming industry luminaries who are "reshaping the games development business as we know it."

Mike Restifo

Mike Restifo is currently working at Activision helping manage a central team handling art outsourcing needs for several projects. He recently began helping manage a small team focused on PC technologies dealing with installers, copy protection, and PC release programs. His story began at Activision in 1999 and has since been involved in numerous PC projects over the years.

He is an avid gamer who has literally grew up playing video game from his early days on Atari 2600 to current PC and next generation consoles.

Prior to working at Activision he attended the University of California, San Diego where he graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science.

Scott Richards
Senior Vice President
Antec, Inc.

As Senior Vice President, Richards spearheads Antec's worldwide strategy and market development. He directs the worldwide sales organization and oversees the company's global communications strategy. He's been with Antec for twelve years. Previously, Richards served as the national sales manager, computer media, for leading consumer electronics manufacturer JVC. Richards holds a B.A. in communication from the California State University of Long Beach.

Edward Suski
Research and Development Engineer

Mr. Suski is currently a Principal System Architect at Acer where he is responsible for developing advanced gaming platforms. Mr. Suski is a twenty plus year veteran of the computer industry having begun his professional career in 1988 at AST Research where he helped develop desktop and notebook computers.

Before joining Gateway/Acer, Mr. Suski was the Director of Engineering at Lantronix in charge of application development and the lead technical manager on an ultra secure server development at SafeNet Inc. for Microsoft Corp. Mr. Suski also worked at PacketVideo as the Senior Director of World Wide Technical Marketing. PacketVideo specialized in delivering multimedia over cellular and WiFi networks using advanced MPEG-4 codec's.

Mr. Suski earned his Bachelors of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering at CSUF and has been granted ten US patents on a variety of inventions.