PCGA Subcommittees


The Minimum Bar subcommittee was formed to resolve customer experience issues when purchasing and running PC Games on PC Systems. The subcommittee will look at establishing a minimum bar for hardware that will define a PC Gaming machine. This will also include defining a set of Gaming bench marks so that the PC System can be measured correctly. The subcommittee will augment this with a set of Gaming Software Guidelines, for developers, to help enable and utilize hardware at this minimum bar. This will all be tied together with some user tools to help make the overall Gaming experience as seamless as possible.

This subcommittee is made up of most member companies of the PCGA. The first meeting has been held and a plan of attack has been proposed and agreed to. Stay tuned for future monthly updates.


Industry participants, researchers and financial analysts rely on the availability of good quality data on the size, growth and factors affecting markets. Today little data exists on the revenues for the PC gaming market outside of retail boxed sales in the west. Nor is there reliable data on the installed base of active PC gamers or the details of the PCs that they play on. The PCGA Data Research subcommittee aims to solve some of these challenges by pooling member data and where applicable using external agencies to assemble data on the PC gaming industry.


Piracy of PC Games is a significant problem. This subcommittee is being established to define the problem and propose solutions that reduce piracy without causing consumer backlash that could hurt the PC gaming market. The Game Piracy subcommittee is still recruiting members. We are particularly looking for publishers to join the group. Weekly meetings will be starting soon.


The PCGA was formed directly to serve the needs of consumers and PC gaming industry participants. The Marketing subcommittee has the objective of ensuring the widest possible participation and understanding of the PCGA and its aims. End users will be encouraged to voice their opinions through publicly available forums, and industry participants will be encouraged to join the PCGA as members. The Marketing subcommittee exists to ensure that the PCGA's messages and members are able to reach the widest possible audience.