Battlefield 4 + GameBlocks

Battlefield 4 Teams Up With GameBlocks and their Anti-Cheat Engine, FairFight, to Crack Down on Cheaters

As the age old adage goes, cheaters never prosper.

However, in the gaming world, “cheating” has been somewhat of a tradition. In a lot of games, it’s not uncommon to find developers hiding small “cheats” within their games for their audience’s amusement.

We can all remember back to a game in which we exploited a glitch or punched in some magical code to allow us to achieve victory in a much easier manner than was intended. Cheating against the artificial intelligence in a single-player game, or against your buddies in Goldeneye was one of the funniest, most instantly-gratifying things in the world.

But now-a-days, with the rise of competitive multi-player games, cheating is something that has become a serious problem… There is nothing more infuriating than investing your time into a heated online match only to get beat by a talentless gamer whose only skill is staying up-to-date on the latest glitches.

Fortunately, game developers are fighting back against cheaters. DICE, the creator of the Battlefield series, has taken extensive measures in their upcoming sure-to-be-hit Battlefield 4 to ensure that cheating doesn’t occur on the competitive side of their games.

Their solution? Bring in GameBlocks’ super advanced and algorithmically complex server side anti-cheat engine.

Want to Catch A Cheater? The Numbers Don’t Lie…

At least, according to GameBlocks they don’t. Taken directly from GameBlocks site, “FairFight uses algorithmic models to evaluate gameplay against multiple statistical markers to identify cheating as it occurs.”

If you’re like me, this may sound a little confusing. However, I believe the gist of it is that if you’re cheating in Battlefield 4, the FairFight engine is going to be able to spot your dishonest actions through some advanced statistical analysis.

To ensure that FairFight is accurate in spotting cheaters, the system crosschecks any indications of cheating using “objective server-side reporting tools.” If the crosscheck confirms that a player has been cheating, they are instantly punished.

And, in true Scarlet Letter fashion, you will get a notification in your in-game chat box whenever a cheater is caught. (Whether or not cheaters will have to sport a capital “C” next to their gamertags for the remainder of their life has yet to be decided.)

It should also be noted that, along with FairFight, Battlefield 4 will continue to use PunkBuster to try and further combat cheaters.

Cheaters Be Warned: Your Days Are Numbered

Time will only tell whether or not DICE’s decision to bring in the FairFight engine will significantly improve cheating in Battlefield 4. And, while eliminating cheating entirely may be impossible, implementing a system that can identify cheaters on a whim is definitely a step in the right direction.

We wish FairFight and Battlefied 4 all the best in their campaign to clean up online gaming and to bringing known cheaters to their demise.

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