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4/15/2008 1:03:45 AM

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Check this article out:

This article is spot on as it describes everything I've been analyzing from the past few years.

I surely expect that the PCGA will impose a few rules on their forums to stop gamers the freedom of speech to talk about this.

But if you asked me what the PCGA should do on their first event, probably at this year's Electronic Entertainment Summit 2008, it would be to straightforwardly ask the members of the PCGA to clearly state their loyalty, unfortunately some members on the PCGA are going to be playing diplomatic games which will actually make things more complex for those who really want to protect and revolutionize the PC Platform.
4/16/2008 10:09:29 AM
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Thanks for posting, much appreciated.
4/17/2008 10:54:47 AM
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I bought Vista while I was reading about gamers support, more games and more ports of consoles hits. Now I know that all was **it. I'm still playing and working on XP, I just have worst performance on Vista and this system is unstable. I think MS is killing PC gaming with Vista and their STUPID LIVE. I was playing on Xbox Live it's is one big children garden, the players skill is even more low than their speaking culture... f**k you noob that's all what you hear there. And what about games? GoW AFTER 1 year? Where's GTA? Why MS paying R* for DLC and don't care about Windows users? I really don't know for what I spend those 200$

M$ just

edited by Noriega on 4/17/2008
4/17/2008 11:17:12 AM

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Hi Noriega, I understand your pain and anger. You see MS made a mistake when they thought they wanted to a single gaming field for xbox gamers and windows gamers. You see the truth is that when it comes to MP gaming, Console and PC gamers don't mix, which is understandable because they have different tastes and the skill levels of PC gamers are fantastic.

In order to make something work ,which was a mistake in the first place, MS will make more mistakes(which is exactly what their doing.

Cutting support for XP is like saying "You know what take vista, or you don't get anything."

It's only a matter of time before game devs get together and stand up against these stupid policies by MS, everyone knows that all the Big Guns in the games industry DO NOT WANT TO ABANDON DX9 and XP, cause they know that a huge fan base still wants to stay their.

Yeah maybe Vista will become better when SP1 comes out, but still, if the developers are ready to develop for the older technology just to get a huge number of gamers to play their game, which is always good for the platform. What is MS's problem, we'll never know.

Secondly Windows live gaming and the $80 per year gold subscription for MP gaming is a rip off, nobody appreciates it and should until their a decent package available.

MP gaming is free on the PC, you get your serial keys with games and that's all you need to play online or on servers, Windows Live Gaming is UNACCEPTABLE in it's current state.

With all due respect, games like Gears and Halo, don't really affect PC Gaming. Their great games on the consoles, no doubt, but on the PC their just good. Maybe you could say that's because of the delays between releases, but then again look at bioware, they've ported their RPGs from the xbox/xbox 360, why do they do well on the PC with their fanbase on the PC?
edited by Vicerox on 4/17/2008
4/17/2008 5:33:20 PM
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True. Live just doesn't work. And again... MS want you to pay but there is no support like Xbox Live gets. And hey MS I'm paying you NOW and HERE I don't give you a CREDIT to work out Vista in future.

I also prefer PC multiplayer gaming style. Leagues, simracing, clan wars and maybe sometimes for fun Crysis or BF2 with more players than 16. I hate donation for Live. Sometimes I don't have even time to touch MP so I don't want to pay for something that I'm not using. Also for a long time game makers shown us that they can make servers, patches from cash on retail sales. Big one for Crytek. They made great community (crymod.com) and are giving very good support for players and also they don't worry about requrements they just pushed graphic and physic to the limit. Another good idea is Steam. I think there should be some statistic systems, easy operating friend list with "join" option and maybe rankings, achivments and events so players will play more.
4/19/2008 12:19:37 PM

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I've been using vista for some time now, eventhough the feel is somewhat different and it looks great, the bottom line is that it seriously needs to be patched up, they have to address serious performance issues, most of the time it's slower than XP, I've used vista on a core 2 duo system. And it was a shame really to experience such a thing.
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