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4/9/2008 8:59:46 AM

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The marketing subcommittee has the objective of ensuring the widest possible participation and understanding of the PCGA and its aims.

End users are encouraged to voice their opinions through these publicly available forums, and industry participants are encouraged to join the PCGA as members.

The marketing subcommittee exists to ensure that the PCGA’s messages and members are able to reach the widest possible audience.
4/15/2008 2:43:03 AM

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Thanks, that's valuable information, however I find that the forums are still pretty silent.
4/16/2008 10:05:38 AM
Guest Well so far we have not yet promoted them. But we will.
4/16/2008 10:48:06 AM

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Need a hand with sending the word out? I'm sure I can find PC Gamers(Not Fanboyz), who would love to join in.
edited by Vicerox on 4/16/2008
4/17/2008 9:38:44 AM
Guest Very nice iniatvie this forum and of Course the PCGA!
This is exactly what the Pc Gaming market realy needs so pleaze Epic/MS/Nvidia/Intel do make a push and not some half assed atempt okey
4/17/2008 10:06:30 AM
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it is a very nice idea to re-gain the core pc game end user base. always listening to the customer, knowing their desire and make the game accordingly will give a boost to the market.
hey, the main thing for now in my concern is not the piracy problem(well it is one of the most important certainly). we need something really "pc-ish" in the pc market.
4/17/2008 10:55:07 AM
Guest why is Epic part of this "Alliance" when they create PC un-friendly engine, next engine to not even support PC. Overall Epic games doesn't care about PC gamming. Can't keep Cliff under control, lets him run his mouth off.

Was Epic just dragged in because of Microsoft.
4/17/2008 10:58:16 AM

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I just believe that what really needs to be done is pretty simple, but you know what they say simplicity comes through complexity.

Make Great Exclusive Games, which people will buy(Other than MMOs). The FPS, RPG and RTS Genres are still popular with PC Gamers.

And secondly I know there's a hardware arms race going on, but developers don't have to push it. The Specs should be reasonable & Piracy will eventually decrease.
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Home » Marketing » About the PCGA Marketing Subcommittee