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  • How to Choose Components – Processor


    Aside from the video card, the processor is the next most important component for your gaming computer. It’s like the brain of your system. And, the processor you choose for your PC will play a significant role in determining what level of performance you’ll be able to...

  • How to Choose Components: Introduction


    Now that you’ve decided to build your own gaming computer, the next thing you’ll need to do is choose a set of components based off of the budget you have set for your build.

    Selecting the right components for your system is actually one of the most rewarding experiences...

  • Build Your Next Gaming Computer or Buy it Pre-Built?


    Brent Hale, EliteGamingComputers

    The PC has long provided the most sophisticated gaming platform. Compared to consoles, the PC boasts superior graphics, more detailed game play, better multiplayer functionality, and an all-around more flexible experience. Maybe this is...

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