Member Benefits

Membership Levels


As of January 2012, we now offer two new PCGA membership levels. The new 'basic' tier entitles members to participate and enjoy a good portion of the PCGA membership benefits. The higher  'benefactors' level recognizes members who wish to take a more proactive role and become a more direct beneficiary of the PC Gaming Alliance’s ongoing initiatives and mission. For more details, please refer the membership chart below.

  Benefactor Promoter Contributor Basic
Industry Leadership & Benefits
Board Chair Y N N N
Board Officer Y Y Possible by Vote N
Sets Initiatives Y (1) Y (1 with a 2nd) N (Can Propose) N (Can Propose)
Subcommittee Eligible Y Y Y Y
Voter Eligible Y Y Y Y
Industry Insights
Annual Meeting/Dinner Y Y Y Y
Horizon's Research Y Y Y N (Summary View)
PR/Marketing & Events Opportunities
Developer Wiki Access Y Y Y Y
Cross Links Y Y Y Y
Home Page Highlight Full time Full time 1 month 1 week
Event & Press Prominent Prominent Secondary Tertiary
Deliverables/Pubs Prominent Prominent Secondary Tertiary
Annual Dues $50K or > $30K $5K $2,500

Why Join?

  • Take a leadership role in shaping important initiatives such as the PC Gaming Platform Specification, Piracy, Account/Identity Theft, and more!

  • Get the inside track on key issues to help your Gaming business!