Member Benefits

Industry Leadership and Influence

Membership in the PCGA signals that you are a leader within the PC gaming industry, gaining valuable visibility for your brand, products and solutions. As an independent voice of PC gaming, the PCGA provides opportunities to influence and outreach to end-users, partners, fellow industry experts, media and analysts.

Board of Directors and Officers

All PCGA business is exercised under the direction of the eleven seat Board of Directors. Eight board seats are reserved for the original founding companies. The three remaining seats are available to all Promoter level members via a nomination and election process. The four Officer positions (Chairman, President, Treasurer and Secretary) are elected by majority vote of the board.

Subcommittee Chair Positions

Much of the work of the PCGA is done in subcommittees. Participating in a subcommittee leadership capacity provides an exceptional opportunity to steer the direction of our work in areas including anti-piracy, minimum specification, data research and marketing.

Subcommittee Participation

Participants in subcommittees influence the direction of the group and work to achieve the group's goals as set out in the charter of the subcommittee. Participation is available only to Promoter level member companies and their employees.

Blog Contributor Rights

The PCGA maintains an organization blog that speaks and listens to gamers and the industry as a whole. The PCGA's blog gives our thought leaders the opportunity to express their ideas, opinions and perspectives regarding a range of PC gaming topics and issues.

Advisory Council Seat

Contributor-level members act as an advisory council to the Board and Subcommittee chairs, providing an opportunity to give valuable input into all aspects of the Alliance. Communications with the advisory council can take the form of surveys, email polls, and forum discussions.

Why Join?

  • Take a leadership role in shaping important initiatives such as the PC Gaming Platform Specification, Piracy, Account/Identity Theft, and more!
  • Get the inside track on key issues to help your Gaming business!
  • To get full research access - become a PCGA member today