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Posted on November 4th, 2013

As mobile handheld devices have become more powerful through hardware advancements, developers have flocked to the mobile platform to create bigger and better games in order to reach a broader audience of gamers.

However, the main problem with bringing those bigger and better games to mobile devices (be it tablets, or smartphones) is that they are often limited by their gameplay controls.

With only a limited amount of space on a touchscreen-enabled tablet or smartphone, there’s only so much a developer can do with the controls for their game. This, unfortunately, leads developers to either producing complex games that lack the proper controls to back them up, or it forces them to scale back on their game to accommodate the limited nature of touchscreen controls.

Fortunately, though, Evolution Controllers—a Redmond-based startup company founded by Matthew Hefferon—has an answer.

Evolution Controllers: Taking Mobile Gaming to A Whole New Level

Evolution Controllers has designed the Drone controller. It’s an open-source, Bluetooth-enabled controller that is compatible with mobile devices, PCs, and Macs.

With their controller, Evolution Controllers has the potential to bridge the gap between mobile gaming and serious gamers. The controller—which is set to launch before the holidays—presents developers with a much easier solution when designing those more complex and engaging games that just don’t work with touchscreen controls

Evolution Controllers’ open-source platform has made it extremely easy for developers to work with their controller. In fact, they already have a large list of games that will support the Drone controller and, according to their Kickstarter page, that list is growing everyday (you can find the list on their website.)

Aside from support on mobile devices, the Drone is also fully-compatible with any PC game that supports a mouse/keyboard input.

How You Can Help

To fund their project, Evolution Controllers has turned to Kickstarter. Their initial goal was to raise $30,000 before November 24th in order to ensure that the Drone releases before the upcoming holiday season. However, they have already surpassed that goal. Now, any extra funds that they raise will be put toward developing a separate controller that will be designed strictly to work with the iOS7 operating system.

For more information, and to help push them to their goal, please check out their Kickstarter campaign.”

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