PC Gaming Alliance Announces New Member Meteor Entertainment™, Publishers of HAWKEN Member-funded consortium demonstrates steady growth in fourth year of operations

Posted on January 8th, 2013

January 7th, 2013 – CES, Las Vegas, NV– The PC Gaming Alliance, a not-for-profit industry coalition working to better the PC gaming market, is pleased to welcome yet another new member: Meteor Entertainment™. Meteor will be joining the ranks of other prestigious gaming companies such as Epic Games™, AMD™, and GameStop™, and will join in on the PCGA’s unprecedented platform for across-the-board collaboration between diverse companies from the gaming industry and PC sector.

“Meteor is psyched to be joining the PCGA. They have important initiatives already underway that address the real issues players want action on; especially now that PC gaming has become truly global," stated Mark Long, CEO of Meteor Entertainment.

“The PC Gaming Alliance is proud and excited to welcome Meteor Entertainment as its latest member, said Matt Ployhar, President of the PC Gaming Alliance.  “Just as we do with the wide variety of PCGA member’s products sold across the gaming ecosystem; PCGA is committed to ensuring HAWKEN is a global success!”    

Why Join an Alliance for PC Gaming?
We hear from one of the experts on the PCGA team, Dr. Jon Peddie, of Jon Peddie Research:

“There are an estimated 546 million people in the world today who play games on a PC, representing over $20 billion dollars in gaming hardware for 2011, and that amount is expected to reach an incredible $30 billion by 2014. The PC Gaming Alliance ensures that the PC gaming industry continues to evolve and embrace emerging technologies, keeping the PC platform the best choice for a truly exceptional experience in gaming.”

PCGA founders and ongoing members recognize the need to work together to promote the health of the industry for gamers and developers and to help member seek and attain more market share.  The PCGA offers its members a wide variety of benefits, including research, marketing, networking, and business development, all with the purpose of expanding the PC gaming market and unifying the sector under an organized banner.
“The PC continues to be the gaming industry's staging ground for innovation in gameplay design and technology and provides game developers with the ability to push the gaming experience to new heights,” said Erik Noreke, PCGA Executive Director.  “The PCGA exists to accomplish three goals: contribute to the advancement and growth of PC gaming, collaborate with industry leaders on important challenges and to share best practices and create increased awareness around the value of PC Gaming.”

About Meteor Entertainment™
Based in Seattle, Meteor Entertainment is a newly-formed (2012) video game publisher focused on successfully publishing free-to-play games globally, with an emphasis on compelling content and setting the standard for customer service and community engagement. Meteor Entertainment’s first tent pole title is HAWKEN, developed by Adhesive Games and entered open beta on December 12, 2012. http://www.meteor-ent.com.

About Adhesive Games and HAWKEN
HAWKEN is a free-to-play multiplayer mech-based first-person shooter developed by Adhesive Games and published by Meteor Entertainment. HAWKEN entered open beta on December 12, 2012.
Post-apocalyptic game action takes place on a collapsing planet. This over-colonized world is the setting for a massive hunt for resources and a wicked battle for survival. While many mech-based games have relatively slow action, the action of Hawken is fast-paced and relatively short and is designed to run on a wide variety of computers. HAWKEN brings the quality of a AAA title to the “Free-to-play” sector.  HAWKEN has been called one of the most anticipated games of 2012, winning more than 22 press awards at industry events.  http://www.playhawken.com

About the PCGA
The PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA) is a not for profit corporation helping to drive the continued growth of gaming on Personal Computers, the world’s most popular platform for gaming.  The PCGA provides an open forum that enables companies to cooperate to develop and promote solutions that drive the PC gaming industry forward, exchange information and views to promote PC gaming, and share promotional activity designed to grow the PC gaming industry. Additional information about the PCGA and its role as the voice of the PC gaming industry is available at www.pcgamingalliance.org

Press and General Membership Inquiries:
Erik Noreke, PCGA Executive Director membership@pcgamingalliance.org

Membership Payment and Contract Signatures:
Andrew Riegel, PCGA Director of Sales and Operations: membership@pcgamingalliance.org


PCGA and PC GAMING ALLIANCE are trademarks of the PCGA Inc.  All other product names, trademarks, and/or company names are used solely for identification and belong to their respective owners.

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We’re honored to be elected to the PC Gaming Alliance Board of Directors, said Min-Liang Tan, CEO, Razer. There is so much synergy between Razer’s core DNA - an essence of pure commitment to improving the PC gaming experience with state-of-the-art peripherals - and this organization’s drive to establish high standards and quality guidelines for the evolving industry at large. Both Razer and the PC Gaming Alliance are dedicated to addressing the needs of a maturing category and its largely sophisticated audience.