Phoenix Online Studios™ Announces Their New Indie-Driven Publishing Label

Posted on February 20th, 2014

Phoenix Online PublishingPhoenix Online Studios™, the award-winning developers who brought us Cognition, and The Silver Lining, are looking to further increase their influence on the indie game market by introducing their new publishing label, Phoenix Online Publishing™. The new publishing label will seek to bring indie-developed games that focus on rich storytelling and atmosphere to the worldwide market.

According to new Phoenix Online Publishing general manager, Scott Steinberg, “Every game, and game developer, has a story waiting to be told... stories which it's our distinct pleasure to help creators tell by partnering with leading indies to successfully launch games across all genres and platforms globally.”

Phoenix Online Publishing, headed by Steinberg will seek to provide “the full range of business management, marketing, and promotions services [indie game developers] need to support their creative vision” in order to “bring players the deeper, richer, and more engaging game experiences they crave.”

The new publishing label is not waiting around either. Phoenix Online Publishing is set to release four new games this year, which include Moebius: Empire Rising™ (recently named one of 2014’s most-anticipated titles by GamesRadar), Quest for Infamy™, The Last Door: Collector’s Edition™, and Lost Civilization™.

With well-known game designer Jane Jensen behind Moebius: Empire Rising and the collector’s edition for the international breakout hit The Last Door, Phoenix Online Studios have brought in a fresh mix of famed designers and indie upstarts to create a truly unique and diverse publishing label.

Each of the games, such as fantasy role-playing adventure Quest for Infamy, which combines wit and humor with classic PC gaming sensibilities, is specifically designed to put sophisticated worlds, characters and storylines first. From innovative new designs to modernized takes on classic PC game experiences, players who grew up gaming on desktop or laptop computers will find these titles’ themes and gameplay surprisingly familiar.

All four of the new titles will be shown at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this March.

The following is a breakdown and short overview of their four new titles:

Moebius: Empire Rising™

Moebius: Empire Rising

Moebius: Empire Rising will be released April 15th, 2014. Designed by Jane Jensen, the creator of the critically acclaimed Gabriel Knight® series, Moebius: Empire Rising is a paranormal mystery adventure that will challenge you to solve riddles, search for clues, and connect the evidence together, in your quest to uncover a global conspiracy.

The game will be available on PC, MAC, and iOS.

Quest for Infamy™

Quest for Infamy

Quest for Infamy will be released in either Q2 or Q3 of 2014. The game is developed by Infamous Quests and is touted as a classic role-playing/adventure game. However, in Quest for Infamy, instead of playing the hero, you play the charming villain.

There are three different classes to play, a brigand (strength), a rogue (stealth), or a sorcerer (magic). Each of the three classes have their own storyline. The hand drawn world will combine turn-based combat, spell casting, and a number of puzzles to solve in order to create a unique gameplay experience. Quest for Glory™ fans will be especially pleased with its look and feel.

Quest for Infamy will be available on PC and Mac.

The Last Door: Collector’s Edition™

The Last Door: Collector's Edition

In this updated collector’s edition of the Best Game of the Year award-winning point-and-click horror adventure, The Last Door, you’ll get to relive the game with enhanced graphics, new scenes, additional puzzles to solve, and unlockable bonuses.

In The Last Door: Collector’s Edition, you’ll explore and investigate Victorian England’s secrets, uncovering horrifying secrets along the way.

This game will be released in Q2 or Q3 of 2014 and will be available on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Lost Civilization™

Lost Civilization

In Lost Civilization, you’ll set out to solve the mystery behind a lost and forgotten civilization and rescue your kidnapped fiancé. The game, which was developed by Icarus Studios, requires you to solve puzzles and use your investigative skills.

The game will traverse across the globe and you’ll visit places like Prague and the grounds of the ancient Mayan civilization. Along the way you’ll solve puzzles and uncover clues that could point to alien life on Earth.

Lost Civilization will be released on April 14th for PC and Mac and will be released for iOS and Android sometime in Q2.

For more information about Phoenix Online Publishing, please visit their company website,

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