• Q&A with the PCGA: In defense of PC gaming


    Q&A At the Game Developers Conference in February, Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia, and other companies that sell PC gaming hardware and software announced the creation of the PC Gaming Alliance, an organization whose specific purpose is defending the PC as a gaming platform…

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  • The PC Gaming Alliance Speaks



    Randy Stude is president of the PC Gaming Alliance and director of the Gaming Program Office at Intel. Given the silence surrounding the PCGA’s launch, we asked Randy to provide some answers…


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  • Epics Mark And CliffyB Explains What PC Gaming Alliance Means For Gamers Disarray Dismissed


    There was a time when PC gaming was in disarray, or at least thats what I had been told back at DICE. And those comments is what has gotten many people riled up here and at Penny Arcade. But Cliff Bleszinski, the man who told me that just earlier this month, sat down with...

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  • PC Game Alliance Rallies Friends & Rivals @ GDC, Taking PC Gaming to New Heights


    Intels PC gaming guru Randy Stude stepped up to help organize the PC Gaming Alliance. At this weeks lively Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, Stude led the alliances first press conference announcing the coming together of major hardware and software creators to...

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  • GDC 08 Video with Randy Stude, PCGA President


    Interview with Randy Stude explaining why the PCGA was formed and what it plans to accomplish…


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  • PC Gaming Alliance debuts


    The first body ever formed solely to promote the PC gaming industry, the PCGA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to “driving coordinated marketing and promotion of PC gaming…and creating forums for member companies to cooperate on solutions to challenges facing the PC...

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