• Blizzard Dominates May PC Game Sales


    Gaming research firm NPD Group revealed May’s top 20 selling PC games and unsurprisingly World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King sits at number one…


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  • Verizon Starts On-demand PC Gaming Service


    Verizon has announced today that broadband customers in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island can now sign up for a new on-demand PC gaming service that will allow unlimited access to 1400 games for $9.99 USD a month…


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  • EA Rethinking How You Spend Your Gaming Money


    Pirated copies of The Sims 3 temporarily rattled EA. Burnout Paradise DLC came too late. And Battleforge is now part of the hardest market in gaming. So said EA’s CEO to Kotaku in a conversation about games and … money…


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  • The hardcore niche PC gamer might be fading in significance, but gaming on PCs is rsing and will con


    The PC Gaming Alliance announced today the release of its 2008 Horizon’s Report. This study says that there were $12.7 billion in PC gaming sales in 2008, up nearly 20 percent from the year previous. There were 42 million desktop PCs and 31 million notebooks shipped in...

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  • PC Gaming Revenue up 18% for 2008


    The PC Gaming Alliance, a sort of pro-PC gaming lobby consisting of hardware manufactures and few game companies, released what they call the Horizon Report today, for 2008. In the report, the state of PC gaming is investigated, and sales are measured. The major conclusion...

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  • EA: Console ‘Arms Race’ Turns Cold; PC Gaming is Growth Area


    ...The publisher also noted that PC gaming, which provides more gradual hardware change, is a growing part of its business, putting emphasis on the opportunities afforded by digital distribution. John Pleasants, COO and president of global publishing, noted that, “Our...

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  • Build a $500 Gaming PC


    We all know that it takes serious CPU horsepower and a big graphics card to run today’s generation of PC games, right? The real answer: it depends. If you want to crank up every eye candy setting and game feature, then the answer is yes. If you’re willing to give up a...

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  • What Ails The World’s Biggest Gaming Platform?


    It is the most powerful gaming platform in the world, and with more than 300 million users, the most widely owned as well, so why does computer gaming seem to be suffering from an inferiority complex?...


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