• These Are the Best-Selling PC Games of March


    PC gaming hasn’t been going through the best times in recent years, and, at least according to some analysts, it will be dying out in a matter of months or possibly years, succumbing to the popularity of consoles, which are more user friendly to gamers and, in some cases,...

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  • PCGA Member SMU Opens Nation’s Largest, Most Sophisticated University Video Game Lounge


    Southern Methodist University’s new ‘M Lounge’ sets a new standard in student lounge entertainment with a top of the line Alienware PC gaming system, eight PC stations, 161-inch high definition DLP projector, 24 game consoles, and a stage for budding rockers to rock...

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  • Console vs PC: The PC Gaming Alliance Interview


    Recent punditry pegs PC gaming as an industry in decline, but the reverse is in fact true according to the PC Gaming Alliance, a group of key industry publishers doing their best to bring absent perspective to widely published but decontextualized retail sales figures…

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  • PC Sales Activision passes on PC Gaming Alliance membership


    ...Activision, for their part, says that they just couldn’t justify the membership fee, and this isn’t the first industry group that they’ve snubbed: theyfamously left the ESA and their big yearly conference at E3 last year…


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  • Games Market in China up 63% to $2.8 billion


    Pearl Research forecasts the online games market in China will exceed $5.5 billion in 2012. The market grew more than 63% to reach $2.8 billion in 2008…


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  • Interview: PC Gaming Alliance head gives a follow-up to recent report


    During GDC last month the PC Gaming Alliance offered up their latest report on the state of the PC gaming industry, claiming that over $11 billion in worldwide revenue was generated by PC games in 2008…


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  • PC Sales Charts War and Zombies Edition


    The PC has been condemned by quite a lot of developers and analysts to a slow and painful death at the hands of piracy and low sales. But the PC Gaming Alliance has proven to us that companies which bring their titles onto this platform can make a decent profit…

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  • The PC Is the Top Choice for Gamers



    ...also worth noting is the report that the video game platform of choice around the world is the personal computer, despite the proliferation of gaming consoles like Nintendos Wii, Microsofts Xbox and Sonys PlayStation…


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