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  • ‎The Cornerstones of Visual Computing from a Gamer Perspective Gamers, at least the core of them, generally agree that the forward movement of technology is good for their hobby. They appreciate better graphics, better physics, better artificial intelligence, and better environmental realism coded into their software. Of course on the hardware side they appreciate the obvious factors such as general computing power, graphical processing power, memory and storage, which are necessary to run the software.
  • Security Best Practices for Gaming The PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA) is proud to announce the launch of its second Speaker Series; and the first in a series of virtual Live Meetings, intended to kick off a discussion on Security Best Practices for Gaming.
  • Game Specification and Canon (Certifcation) The PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA) will host a webinar on November 9th from 10:00-11:00 AM PT to unveil its set of recommendations defining a stable Game Specification and Platform for PC Gaming
  • Fast_CPU_DXT_Compression Fast CPU DXT Compression DXT compression is a lossy texture compression algorithm that is supported by Direct3D. DXT compression reduces storage requirements and bus traffic. DXT textures are usually compressed offline and consumed at runtime. However, it is sometimes necessary to perform DXT compression during runtime. For example, a more efficient texture compression algorithm can be used to store textures on disk. When the textures are needed they can be decoded from disk and encoded to the DXT format during runtime. This type of scenario can be useful for virtual texturing (Id Software, 2009).
  • [IVB Light Scattering] Atmospheric light scattering is an important natural phenomenon, which arises when light interacts with the particles distributed in the media. Rendering such effects can be exploited by many applications, such as computer games, to greatly improve scene realism. To accurately compute scattering contribution, a complex nested integral has to be solved for each screen pixel. Due to the complexity of the computations involved, achieving natural-looking atmospheric scattering effects at interactive frame rates is a challenging problem.
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